Please note, events and names are subject to change. Room numbers will be provided at the time of the event. 


Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to the Boom!

Marcia Olivo (she/her/hers), Executive Director, Miami Workers Center

Jasmen Rogers-Shaw (she/her/hers), Gender Justice Coordinator, Miami Workers Center 




Opening Panel: Building a Revolutionary Black Feminist Movement in Florida

Denise Perry (she/her/hers), Founder, Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD)

Wakumi Douglas (she/her/hers), Executive Director, SOUL Sisters Leadership Collective

June Barrett (they/them/theirs), Domestic Worker Member, Miami Workers Center

Sheena Meade (she/her/hers), Director of Strategic Partnerships and Special Projects, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Francesca Menes (she/her/hers), Local Progress Florida State Coordinator, Center for Popular Democracy

Stass Schmeidt (they/them/theirs), Co-Founder, Dream Defenders & Spring up

Emley Batista (she/her/hers), Youth Member, Power U Center for Social Change

TBD, Young SquaDD Member, Dream Defenders



Breakouts Curated by Our Community


Storytelling: Black Women Sharing Pregnancy and Birth Experiences in the Black Community

Facilitator: Shameka Thomas (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Bodily Autonomy and Reproductive Justice

This workshop aims to promote healing from within through story-telling and sharing memories. This workshop has three core objectives: 1) provide a safe space for women of color to share stories about pregnancy and birth in South Florida; 2) provide a resourceful space for women to exchange information about their prenatal care; and 3) allow Black women (mothers and non-mothers) to listen and regain trust in each other, as experts of their own bodies.

We are the Dora Milaje: Liberating Warriors Through Mindfulness and Movement  

Facilitator: Devan Cheaves (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Mental Health

This workshop will use beginner-to-moderate level yoga, movement, breathe work, meditation, creating mantras/affirmations inspired by adinkra symbols to give participants the tools to create their own practice for mindfulness and self-care through self-empowerment.

Biting Bullets: Food as a Tool of War and How to Fight Back

Facilitator: Tarah Hines (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Environmental Justice, Mental Health, Self-Care

Through this workshop Black women and girls will be encouraged to think more critically about where our food comes from. Participants will also share realistic tools for creating changes to improve the overall health of our communities.Black women and girls will leave this training with the skills necessary to start growing food to supplement living costs and how to make healthier choices when grocery shopping.

Tell It: Stories as Tool for Social Change

Facilitator: Kheyanna Suarez (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Bodily Autonomy and Reproductive Justice, Issues Impacting Trans Women, Violence Against Women and Transformative Justice, Immigration, Mental Health

The workshop is intended to be interactive and for participants to leave the space with their stories physically written down and structured following the Challenge, Choice, and Outcome model. Participants will be able to give and receive feedback on their stories while also being able to listen to their stories of others.

Bethunes Brilliance: Activating Afro-Futurist Academies for Youth

Facilitator: Yajaira De La Espada (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: School to Prison Pipeline

This workshop aims to to help participants envision what schools of the future look like, to collectively produce a new framework for our model future school, and to learn about already existing models around the world that are working to provide better education to Black/Brown/Indigenous youth.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Facilitator: Sheree Anderson (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Bodily Autonomy and Reproductive Justice, Mental Health

After this workshop, participants will be able to categorize adolescents questions on sexual health into three general categories and deliver answers to those questions using the ABLE method. After this workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate the effective use of teachable moments to deliver positive sexual health messages to teens.

Be Better Than Your Mother’s Daughter

Facilitator: Karen Pandy-Cherry (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Mental Health

As much as my mother loves me, i must admit, it took me decades to undo some of the detrimental programming she instilled. Over the years I've come to understand that proper wellness and self-care, for me, meant that I needed to be better than the woman my mother taught me to become. The goals of this workshop include refreshing our perspective to understand that wellness often means speaking up for yourself, being loud and disruptive when necessary, and never being afraid to be the light in the room.

Desired Effect: A Burlesque Workshop

Facilitator: Desiree Parkman (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Mental Health

Desired Affect is a Broadway meets Burlesque dance class, meant to embrace and empower women to live out loud within their bodies. No matter size, shape, or weight, the body is beautiful, sensual, and full of grace. Movement is in an empowering tool,  and dance has always been a way to unite and bring people together.

The Dark Side of Social Good: “Saving” Others Can Leave You Broke, Resentful and Dead

Facilitator: Ebonni Bryant (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Mental Health, Self-Care

The workshop will begin with Ebonni talking about her experience in the social entrepreneurship space and how to develop strong networks that support bottom line goals. Activities will help to shift a mindset around giving without receiving and what to do when you are open to developing stronger relationships so you do not have burnout. The participants should arrive with specific, honest ways they are tired of the work they do and/or how they do it. Facilitator and other participants will offer different ways of being successful, impactful and influential.

Spiritual Poverty: How Western Psychology Negatively Impacted the Mental Health of Blacks in the Diaspora

Facilitator: Dr. Pamela Hall (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Mental Health

This workshop will demonstrate the importance of spirituality in determining mental well-being for Blacks from the Diaspora. The new ideas presented will be demonstrating the role western psychology has played in the assimilation of Blacks from the Diaspora into a system that can lead to Spiritual Poverty.

Finding Health Through Poetry and Creativity

Facilitator: Lora L. Mitchell (she/her/hers) Issues Covered: Mental Health

This work will help attendees learn how to use writing and creativity to help build, restore, and maintain health in their lives and communities.

Afro-Fusion Dance: Dancing Bodies Are Strong Bodies

Facilitator: Carmen Antonetty (she/her/hers) | Issues Covered: Bodily Autonomy and Reproductive Justice

This dance class seeks to provide cultural enrichment by paying homage to our roots, while simultaneously uplifting Black Joy. Participants will also integrate mind, body, and spirit to explore Black dance and how it informs popular culture. Strengthening the body and improving coordination

Affinity Spaces

White & White-Passing Feminists Only - Lily Medina (she/her/hers)

Cis-Men Only - Rich Ejire (he/him/his) and Asa Rogers-Shaw (he/him/his)

Non-Black People of Color Only - Charo Valero (she/her/hers) and Paula Munoz (she/her/hers)


Black Women and Girls Impact Policy

Choose one (1) issue area that you are passionate about or that impacts you the most.

Black Girls Matter- YOUTH TRACK | S.O.U.L Sisters Leadership Collective

Criminalization of Black Women and Girls Dream Defenders & S.O.U.L Sisters Leadership Collective & ACLU & Valencia Gunder

Gentrification, Poverty, and Housing | Miami Workers Center & Judy Lubin, Center for Urban and Racial Equity

School-to-Prison Pipeline | Power U Center for Social Change

Issues Impacting Trans Women | Spring Up

Black Women and Electoral Politics | Ashley Green, Black PAC + Jamecia Gray, For Our Future

Black Women and Immigration | Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Surviving Climate Change While Black: Impacts on Black Women and Girls | Nancy Metayer, New Florida Majority Education Fund

Birth Justice 101 |  Jamarah Amari , Southern Birth Justice Network




Femme Agenda: The Development of a Black Women’s Political Platform

What is the Femme Agenda? How do we build a political platform for Black women and girls? | Jasmen Rogers-Shaw

Advocacy 101: Where do we start? | Francesca Menes

Roundtable Discussions: 

If we lived in a society that valued Black women and girls:

  • What would our communities look like?
  • What issues would our government tackle?
  • What policy solutions would we put forward?
  • What community level-solutions would we put forward?


Now What?