I am in love with freedom and children. Love is my sword and truth is my compass. What is left?
— Assata Shakur

With the Florida March for Black Women, we made history in 2017. Almost 1,000 Black women, girls, femmes, and their allies gave their time, talents, and resources and joined us to take the streets of Miami, demanding that we are heard and celebrated for our simultaneous Blackness and womanness.

Through our outreach in person and in the media, we highlighted the many oppressions that plague Black women and girls, while also celebrating the resilience and tenacity of our community.

The Florida March for Black Women was another compression point for our Femme Agenda work. It inspired us to continually prioritize the needs of the most marginalized amongst us, while driving deeper on what “power” looks like and how we get it. As full participants in this democracy, we are demanding and organizing for the same rights and recognition that the dominant group members enjoy.

Around the country we have seen more and more conversations about how Black women show up to “save” elections by the sheer power of their ballot. We know that, historically, Black women have showed up en masse at the polls to support progressive candidates. Normally, on the side of a political party that has not prioritized their needs. With the rise in the number of anti-woman state and federal attacks, it is incumbent upon us to build our collective power and take action. In the same stride as the Florida March for Black Women, we cannot wait any longer for other folks to carve out space for us.



“Here Comes the Boom!: An Assembly for Black Women and Girls” is a conference planned by a dynamic coalition of organizations committed to building leadership, sustained dialogue, and political power for Black Women and Girls, with a focus on South Florida decision-makers. We are fighting for a political power that leads to continuous action, creating sites of resistance, protest, and growth.

Our goals at the assembly are to create an inclusive space for 300 Black youth, trans, gender non-conforming, folks that are differently abled, folks that speak many languages, parents, formerly incarcerated and those with various learning styles. Through this assembly, we will uplift the issues that are plaguing Black women and girls, while collaboratively visioning towards a future where we are harnessing our full political power. We will connect participants in the Miami area to what Black women and girls are doing in the community, and develop a democratically chosen political platform representative of our community and our demands that will drive our decision making in the 2018 elections.  

Through this assembly, we will build the leadership of our members and the strength of our coalition by in-depth political education and a wide array of areas to engage with the planning and execution of the assembly.

So much is at stake for Black women and girls in this electoral cycle. We will use this shared vision to guide us, Black women, into this year’s crucial local, state, and federal elections.